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About Us

Thank you for viewing our collections!
We are guilty of loving Puns (don't send us to the pun-itentiary!)

We launched this business with all you 'witt-tee' people in mind! Finding apparel that can showcase our inner geek or nerd can be difficult at times. Why should 'Pun-loving' people be 'Pun-ished' for being 'Pun-believably' HILARIOUS!

Imagine walking through your local park, only to receive a bro-nod, or a random hi-5 from an absolute stranger that simply appreciates the 'pun-derfull' effort and braveness behind your choice of shirt that day. 

Whilst our in-house logo designers aren't what you'd consider to be conservative, we know that they are not 'clothes-minded'.

Please don't 'pun-alise' us for all the puns- you knew what you were getting into (a new wardrobe, hopefully!).


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